Pablo Aceves

San Diego, September 29, 2018

To the General Membership of Unión del Barrio,
To the Mexican People,
To our Allies,
To all Friends of the Liberation Struggle for Nuestra América,

It is with great pain and a heavy heart that Unión del Barrio informs the Raza Liberation Movement and its supporters that we have lost a leader of our struggle. Pablo Aceves, a leading member of Unión del Barrio whose combative spirit would inspire all generations of unionistas, lost his last fight to a sudden medical emergency.

Pablo committed 31 years of his life to the organization and to the movimiento he loved so dearly. He made his raised fist and booming voice unmistakable elements at every political event he attended. He was a person of unwavering political principles, and an uncompromisingly dedicated fighter on the side of the poor, the exploited, and the oppressed the world over.

Pablo was an important political force within Unión del Barrio. At the time of his passing, he was the longest actively serving member within the organization. Over the years he fulfilled multiple roles, most notably as a member of the Central Committee. He was currently fulfilling the role of Political Secretary of Base Celia Sánchez.

Pablo’s spirit of struggle motivated movement people, and he advanced the struggle for raza self-determination and liberation everyday. He never relented, even until his last day. Suffering from severe chest pain while at work Friday morning, compañero Pablo passed away at 1:04 am Saturday morning after a long and difficult surgical procedure failed to stop his internal bleeding. Pablo was 50 years old.

At the time of his passing, Pablo was surrounded by family, friends, and comrades. He will be terribly missed within the ranks of Unión del Barrio and within our liberation struggle. But he will live on, as we honor his legacy and his contributions to the raza struggle for Self-Determination, National Liberation, and Socialism.

We intend to collectively honor comrade Pablo. As funeral arrangements are established, Unión del Barrio will announce the services.



Comité Central,

Unión del Barrio