Who We Are

May Day 2010

Building A Raza Press And Media To Defend The Rights And Interests Of Our People

The primary objective of the Raza Press and Media Association (RPMA) is to advance the struggle for Raza Self-Determination by promoting and unifying the progressive Raza press, media, and popular expression. Essential to this process is confronting stereotypes espoused by the U.S. mainstream media and press.

The RPMA holds the position that Raza are colonized, indigenous people and that the so-called “Southwest U.S.” is in fact Aztlán, part of the Mexicano nation, stolen in the U.S. expansionist/imperialist war of 1846-1848.

The RPMA is committed to combat all manifestations of oppression and exploitation. Central to putting into effect our objectives the RPMA membership will actively get involved in the day-to-day struggles being waged by our movement and by our people. As part of this movement activism, the RPMA is committed to organize study sessions, forums, give presentations and disseminate information/publications to our communities to help raise the political consciousness of nuestro pueblo.