RPMA Meeting, January 5, 2012

Compas del RPMA

On behalf of the Mesa Directiva del RPMA, we hope it has been a Feliz y Revolucionaria Navidad and holidays with familia and compas. This communication is to let everyone know that they next Raza Press and Media Association Meeting will be held on Saturday, January 5, 2012 at the home of Companero John Morales in East LA/Boyle Heights. The address is:

2630 Gleason Ave
LA CA 90033

Of all who attend we ask the following:

Please bring a brief report on what you have been working on over the last 3 to 6 months in Raza Journalism. This can include articles, podcasts, filming, editorials and other educational/journalistic activity to raise Raza Consciousness.

We will be discussing the following items:

-Fall Winter Issue of Guerrilleros (will be laid out this week for distribution)

-Next Issue of Guerrilleros de la Pluma (theme deadlines)

-Guerrillero de la Pluma Ernesto Bustillos Award nominations

-Ernesto Bustillos Commemorative Event (we are working with the Centro Cultural de la Raza and are looking at the 16th or the 23rd of February.

-Upcoming Events

-MEChA Conference at UCSD, ARE Conference in Los Angeles April 27th Conference on Police Brutality (workshops, assignments)

-Elections for Mesa/Editorial Board
Political Education

We will be trying something different for this session. We are asking participants to come prepared to share, in a brief (3-5 minute intervention that can set the framework for a discussion and hopefully and article/position)

“The Struggle today-Building Liberation or Just Reacting to the Attacks of the System?”

We want a roundtable that can bring the thoughts of everyone on these two topics to begin. The reason for this is the following:

As the RPMA, we have struggled around the need to build critical consciousness for years. We have, many times in many forums asked the question that the movement has become more and more “reactive” vs. proactive in building a liberation consciousness. We want to hear thoughts on whether people see it this way, how it has manifested itself, and how if it is an issue for our movimeinto today, do we make change this phenomenon.

See you on the 5th.


Pablo Aceves
Interim Sub Coordinator
Raza Press and Media Association