December 18, 2011, End of the Year Meeting!

Come join us for our end of the year meeting. We will be evaluating our work for this past year and planning for our next year of struggle to advance the RPMA.


Café on “A” /Acuña Gallery and Cultural Center
438 South “A” Street
Oxnard, Ca

The Raza Press and Media Association is one of the only known national group of progressive journalists working towards justice, peace, and freedom for all Mexicano-Latinos (Raza). We meet on a regular basis, have an organizational structure, principles of unity, objectives, and we consistently published journal, Guerrillera/os de La Pluma.

In response to the continuing and growing assaults on the right to information and freedom of expression, especially as it relates to Raza and other oppressed nationalities and peoples within the current borders of the United States, the Raza Press and Media Association (formerly known as the Chicano Press Association) is calling on Raza (students, journalists, community activists, and academics) active in the field of media (journalism, radio, TV, popular art, spoken word, computer information, etc.) to attend this meeting.

A. Welcome/Introduction
B. Report from Mesa Members
C. Reports from General Members (5 min. each member)
D. Update On RPMA Projects and Events
E. Discussion: (TBA) There will be a discussion and analysis on a political topic as related to media. This topic will be announced in the next few weeks.