Every year, the RPMA recognizes one of its members for her/his exceptional contribution to progressive or revolutionary Raza journalism and media. The annual recognition is called the, “Ernesto Bustillos, Guerrillera/o de la Pluma Award.”

The four basic criteria, which we use to decide who would be given the annual award are the following:

(1) An individual whose actions and work, best serve as a role model not only for the RPMA membership, but our whole community as well.
(2) An individual who not only speaks or theorizes about the media, but in the true meaning of progressive praxis –actually puts into practice her/his ideas and perspectives.
(3) An individual whose journalism and meida serves as a beacon that guides us down the road to Raza liberation.
(4) An individual whose labor has helped, not only in bringing others to the RPMA, but has contributed to the construction of a mass-based media that is committed to serving nuestro pueblo.

Past award winner:

2013 – Marc Baca
2011 – Jose G. Moreno
2010 – Luis H. Moreno
2009 – Ernesto Bustillos
2008 – Cathy Espitia and Francisco Romero
2006 – Raymundo Reynoso