Call for Articles

The Raza Press and Media Association is the only national group of progressive journalists working towards winning justice, peace, and freedom for all Mexicano-Latinos (Raza). We meet on a regular basis, have an organizational structure, principles of unity, objectives, and we consistently published journal, Guerrillera/os de La Pluma.

In response to the continuing and growing assaults on the right to information and freedom of expression, especially as it relates to Raza and other oppressed nationalities and peoples within the current borders of the United States, the Raza Press and Media Association (formerly known as the Chicano Press Association) is making another call on Raza (students, journalists, community activists, and academicians) active in the field of media (journalism, radio, TV, popular art, spoken word, computer information, etc.) to submit articles related to the question of The Role of Raza Press, Media, And Popular Expression In Our Struggle For Democracy, Justice, And Self-determination.

The articles must address the historical/current onslaught on progressive and alternative thought. We see this fascist-racist attack coming down both “within the belly of the beast” from FBI, Police, Mainstream Media, Christian Right, Vendidos, etc., and externally from the CIA, Military Industrial Complex, Global Capitalism, and so forth.

A major objective of these attacks on progressive thought is a conscious racist-capitalist effort to eliminate all programs which were initially developed for the purpose of advancing the educational and cultural development of the Raza community; for example: Chicano Studies, Ethnic Studies, Progressive Publications and Programs at Colleges and Universities, Raza Cultural Celebrations at elementary and high schools, Centro Culturales, and Bilingual/Multicultural Education.

Selected articles will be published in the Guerrillera/os de la Pluma. Issues of Guerrillera/os de La Pluma are distributed widely. Copies are circulated at political actions, colleges, libraries, and conferences; they are mailed Raza prisoners and a subscribers list; the journal is also posted online (Internet). Literally thousands of people read the journal.

Criteria For Articles:
1. articles must be between 3 and 5 pages (no longer please), typed and doubled space (Fonts 10 or 12 points). If you submit a research type working paper, when quoting, or referring to data, use footnotes or endnotes and a bibliography for documentation purposes. Writing styles that could be use are the following; Chicago, APA, and MLA.
2. send your articles via e-mail or on a floppy disk/CD (i.e. MS Words, etc.) to the following address:

Raza Press and Media Association
Attn: Guerrillera/os de la Pluma
P.O. Box 620095
San Diego, CA 92162